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About Our School

Mission Statement

Big Picture Learning Windsor exists to empower students to explore their unique passions and interests, cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit, foster independence, and actively participate in real-world learning, through the application of the Big Picture Learning model.

chart of the big picture model


Big Picture Learning Windsor started life as North Bay Met Academy, founded in 2018. NBMA was the first Big Picture Learning School in the North Bay and helped usher in this program as a vibrant model for learning. The vision for NBMA grew out of a need for students for whom a traditional education model was not working. In the early days, this often focused on students for whom the trades and other non-college tracks were of interest, but soon it became clear that other kinds of students could benefit from this innovative model - entrepreneurs, college-bound and gifted students of all stripes can find their future with this innovative program. Thus, after 6 years, it was time for a new chapter, and NBMA was reborn as BPL Windsor. 

  • Board member hugging principal
    The early days: The April 2018 meeting where the Board of Trustees approved full implementation after a pilot program.
  • basket making
    Cultural learning has always been a part of the program.
  • a building with a school banner on it
    The original banner.
  • Staff being presented with gifts
    Staff from the early days.
  • A line of students at graduation in caps and gowns.
    An early graduation.

BPL Today

At Big Picture Learning Windsor, we are dedicated to fostering a transformative educational experience through the innovative Big Picture Learning model. Guided by the idea of "where passion meets purpose," BPL Windsor is committed to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Through personalized, independent learning plans, mentorship, and experiential internship opportunities, we aim to inspire students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers, compassionate leaders, and active contributors to their communities.

BPL Windsor embraces the values of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity. We strive to prepare students not only for academic success but also for a fulfilling and purposeful life beyond the classroom. We believe in fostering an independent, student-focused learning environment that transcends traditional boundaries, where students are not just learners but active creators of their educational experiences. Our students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, and leaders.

The model BPL Windsor student dives in and doesn’t wait to be directed. They have an entrepreneurial mindset and are gifted in their passion pursuits and excited about learning. They crave challenge and growth in their fields of interest and are excited about an authentic internship experience. For them, education is not just about credits.

BPL Windsor has a unique schedule to help foster the needs of independent learners. One full day of classroom time is required of all students (new students will have additional classroom time required for the first year of attendance), and mandatory hours spent weekly at their LTI or Learning Through Interest/Internship. Grades and evaluations are mostly project-based, so students must be creative and flexible but equally focused and driven to complete their work.

BPL Windsor endeavors to ignite a passion for learning and cultivate a sense of purpose that extends far beyond graduation. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled educational experience that fosters intellectual, creative, emotional, and social growth, empowering our students to become compassionate, innovative, and responsible global citizens.


image of different kinds of learners